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Let’s Talk Solutions: A Rare conversation with Katharine Hayhoe

Over the last year, Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment (BE.Center) has been exploring why climate change needs behavior change. We released a report demonstrating the impact individuals can have on cutting carbon emissions by changing daily habits and behaviors. We co-launched the latest Solution Search competition on this topic. And on March 19,… Read More

Talking climate solutions with polar bears international

International Polar Bear Day is coming soon: February 27th. On this awareness day, we draw attention to the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic and the urgent need to act on climate. But what are the most viable climate solutions? Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, a world-renowned climate scientist, shares her thoughts below. Her approach is… Read More

the word from a climate change scientist

A thermometer isn’t Democratic or Republican. It doesn’t give us a different number depending on how we vote. And climate change isn’t a liberal or conservative issue. It is a human issue. We care about a changing climate because it affects every single one of us who share this planet—the only home we have. That’s… Read More

talking climate at climate one

Katharine Hayhoe: Climate Change, Christianity, and Evangelicals

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe describes evangelicals as “those who take the Bible’s teachings seriously.” Those teachings include caring for those who are less fortunate and for our planet. Hayhoe is a Texas Tech Professor and recipient of the 2018 Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication.


Foreign Policy’s 100 Global Thinkers of 2019

Throughout her career, Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian and atmospheric scientist, has found ways to connect scripture with the data behind global warming. In doing so, she has bridged gaps among scientists, policymakers, and religious communities and continues to gain accolades for her fight against climate change. Given America’s growing political polarization, her work is… Read More

What Are Some Of The Biggest Climate Change Myths People Still Believe?

I’m a climate scientist, and I’m on social media: so nearly every day, often multiple times a day, I have someone telling me that climate change is just a natural cycle (it’s not); or that a warmer planet will be better for us (it won’t); or that we climate scientists are faking the data for… Read More