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Alaska has resources to be global leader in energy

Climate expert: Alaska has resources to be global leader in energy

“Alaska is on the front lines of experiencing the impacts of a changing climate. The average temperature here in Alaska and across Northern Canada is changing twice as fast as the rest of the world,” said Hayhoe. “So what we’re seeing is longer wildfire seasons, more smoke days, invasive species spreading north, rising sea levels, thawing permafrost, crumbling coastlines, receding glaciers.”


Talking Climate with Christiane Amanpour & Bob Inglis

Katharine Hayhoe & Bob Inglis on Climate Change

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: What will it take, do you think, to convince people like Trump, the Trump administration, to listen to what ordinary people are saying with their votes at the ballot box? BOB INGLIS (R-SC), FORMER U.S. HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE: I’m not sure what would convince Trump.


Where will we be in 10 years? My WIRED essay

I’m a climate scientist. Every day, I look at how our energy sources and our consumption habits are affecting our planet. And every day, I’m frustrated by how many people consider the idea of factoring climate change into their decisions to be an unaffordable luxury at best, and an unnecessary evil at worst. But my… Read More

Six myths canadians believe about climate change

Climate change can seem like a far-off distant problem. The reality, though, is that climate change is affecting us today. It’s doing this by taking many of the risks we already face naturally—floods and storms, heat and drought—and supersizing or exacerbating them. And the more carbon we produce, the more dangerous the effects will be… Read More

Let’s Talk Solutions: A Rare conversation with Katharine Hayhoe

Over the last year, Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment (BE.Center) has been exploring why climate change needs behavior change. We released a report demonstrating the impact individuals can have on cutting carbon emissions by changing daily habits and behaviors. We co-launched the latest Solution Search competition on this topic. And on March 19,… Read More

Talking climate solutions with polar bears international

International Polar Bear Day is coming soon: February 27th. On this awareness day, we draw attention to the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic and the urgent need to act on climate. But what are the most viable climate solutions? Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, a world-renowned climate scientist, shares her thoughts below. Her approach is… Read More

Talking climate with communication expert Ed Maibach on NBC News

Co-Author Of Climate Change Report Responds To President Donald Trump | NBC News Signal

Following President Trump’s comments refuting a US government report on climate change, we talk to Katharine Hayhoe — one of the scientists who wrote it. She explains why it’s so hard to get Republicans and Democrats on the same page about climate change.

fact-checking the administration’s response to the national climate assessment

Trump’s Comments on Climate Change Report Debunked by Scientist Who Wrote It Image: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration A scientist and author of the 1,600-page climate change report quietly released last Friday is debunking claims made by President Donald Trump who declared he’d “read some of” the report before saying, “I don’t believe it.”