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Green Sports Blog Interview!

GSB: As a climate change communicator myself—I give the Climate Reality Project slide shows, basically an updated version of Al Gore’s slide show from “An Inconvenient Truth”—to community groups of all types, this “what to do about it” piece is the hardest, especially with skeptical audiences… So how did you handle it? KH:I found that… Read More

The Guardian: Texas scientist takes to the web

“Speaking of shills, if she teaches in Texas she probably gets grants from the oil industry.” This is one of the more polite social media missiles Katharine Hayhoe has had fired at her this week. But it’s hopelessly misguided. Hayhoe is a climate scientist. And she’s on a mission to persuade skeptics that humans are… Read More

NY Times: A climate explainer who stays above the storm

A member of Katharine Hayhoe’s church asked her a question after services a couple of weeks ago: “Do you feel our weather is getting more extreme?” Time was, the question might have been the start of an argument with Dr. Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University here. Instead, it led to a friendly… Read More

Money and Politics, God and Global Warming

  I live in Lubbock, Texas. After Provo UT, It’s the second most conservative city in the U.S. Here, we don’t just have Republican candidates running for office – we have conservative Republicans, bent on proving how liberal the Republicans are. And oh, did I mention? I’m a climate scientist. That’s right – I study… Read More

POLITICO 50: The conservative case for fighting climate change

Even as the 2016 Republican platform threw doubt on the idea that global warming is caused by humans, the percentage of conservative Republicans who believe in climate change has doubled in the past two years—to 47 percent, according to a poll this year—raising the possibility of a paradigm shift on an issue that has long… Read More

it’s fear, not facts, behind climate skepticism

How did you become an atmospheric scientist? My undergraduate degree from U. of T. is in Astrophysics. It wasn’t until my third year that I took a course on climatology. It completely shocked me. I didn’t realize how big the problem was. I had always mentally categorized climate change as one issue along with biodiversity… Read More

Friend of the Planet

In 2014, Katharine Hayhoe served as an advisor to the producers of Years of Living Dangerously, the star-studded Showtime series chronicling how climate change is already affecting people’s lives; the show won an Emmy for Best Non-fiction or Documentary Series (edging out Cosmos). She was also one of the show’s stars, with Don Cheadle following… Read More

Texting for Climate at Earth Day Texas

Earth Day Texas: Texting for Climate Action With Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

April 23, 2016 By: Pierce Nahigyan What words do you think of when you think of global warming? That was the first question Planet Expert and Associate Professor at Texas Tech Katharine Hayhoe asked an audience of teenagers on Friday morning. She then asked them to pull out their cell phones and text their answers.