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Fighting climate change in our daily lives – KCRW earth day Interview

Fighting climate change in our daily lives | Press Play

We often hear about the huge problems involving climate change: melting glaciers, rising sea levels, plus intensifying hurricanes, tornadoes, and other weather patterns. But what can we do about these problems, and not feel so powerless against them?

Where will we be in 10 years? My WIRED essay

I’m a climate scientist. Every day, I look at how our energy sources and our consumption habits are affecting our planet. And every day, I’m frustrated by how many people consider the idea of factoring climate change into their decisions to be an unaffordable luxury at best, and an unnecessary evil at worst. But my… Read More

How To Talk About Climate Change So People Will Listen: My Chatelaine Essay

Gazing at the Andromeda Galaxy through binoculars with my science teacher dad is one of my earliest memories. And the more I learned about science, the better it got. Who wouldn’t want to know why the sky is blue, that polar bears have black skin and translucent fur, and how tiny amounts of heat-trapping gases… Read More

Q&A with Commonsense Media

Q: You’re a scientist and researcher and a skilled communicator (a rare and wonderful combination). You spend a good deal of time on the latter, particularly as it relates to the science of climate change. Why do you think it’s still so difficult for some people to grasp the reality of the changes in the… Read More

Evangelical source changes evangelical minds on climate

Around one-quarter of Americans identify as evangelical Christians and a majority of this group reject man-made global warming. Now a study shows that being presented with clear factual information endorsed by a trusted – evangelical – source can change the minds of climate sceptics. That source was Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech… Read More


Climate change is happening. It’s supercharging hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, heat waves, and rain. It’s heating the oceans and melting the giant ice sheets that anchor our poles, increasing coastal flood risk. Wherever we live on this earth, global warming is affecting us—yes, us; climate change doesn’t matter just to future generations or to people in… Read More

talking climate on the cbs morning show

Katharine Hayhoe on why we need to talk about climate change to fight it

In our Ideas That Matter partnership with TED, we highlight individuals and ideas shaping our world. This time we’re taking a closer look at climate change. The latest government climate assessment warns that by 2050, heavier rainfall in the Midwest could prompt increased flooding along major waterways like the Mississippi River.

talking climate with kqed

Over the weekend, the Midwest and eastern U.S. were finally released from the grip of an icy air mass known as the “Polar Vortex.” Tens of millions of Americans experienced life-threatening cold that set record lows across the region. A guy on The Weather Channel shattered a frozen cup of coffee using a banana; reporters… Read More

the word from a climate change scientist

A thermometer isn’t Democratic or Republican. It doesn’t give us a different number depending on how we vote. And climate change isn’t a liberal or conservative issue. It is a human issue. We care about a changing climate because it affects every single one of us who share this planet—the only home we have. That’s… Read More