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the christian voice at COP21

A Rocha @ COP21

A Rocha brought a Christian voice to the climate discussions – and is taking the climate change agenda to the Church. Working with partners, including Tearfund and the Lausanne Movement, A Rocha advocated for and engaged COP attendees and campaigners in climate-based creation care.


Who brings what to the global potluck – my opinion

In the aftermath of the celebrations over the Paris Climate Accord, disappointment that the legally binding aspects of the Paris Accord did not include the emission reductions and financing commitments populate my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Does that mean the agreement is a failure? Should we tear it up? Not at all! In fact, the… Read More

the theology of creation care – A ROcha’s Dave Bookless explains

A Climate for Change: Conservation and Faith – Dave Bookless

A Rocha panel discussion/conversation at COP21: A Climate for Change: Conservation and Faith on 4 December, 2015. Panel speakers included atmospheric scientist Dr Katharine Hayhoe, the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Bishop Efraim Tendero, A Rocha International’s Director of Theology, Rev Dave Bookless, and the Director of Climate Stewards, Caroline Pomeroy.


COP21 in Paris: Impressions from the Inside – my opinion

Earlier this week, police and climate demonstrators clashed in front of the memorial to the victims of last month’s terror attack. The influence of these tragic events has been evident throughout COP21. During the first few days, with many world leaders in attendance, military snipers staked out the rooftops and low hills surrounding Le Bourget,… Read More