PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE EMAILS FROM OUR CONTACT PAGE WENT AWOL FROM MAY 1 TO SEPT 15 and we just found where they were hiding. We apologize for the delay and are currently responding to all delayed requests as soon as is humanly possible!

If you would like to send me a comment or request an interview, please do so here. This form goes to my wonderful assistant Laura, who is able to respond much more quickly to email than I can.

If you have a question on the science – like, how do we know carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping gas? isn’t this warming just a natural cycle? or aren’t there more polar bears today than fifty years ago? – we’ve collected all our most frequently asked questions, and turned them into super-short Global Weirding episodes. If we haven’t gotten to your question yet, please review Skeptical Science’s helpful answers, to see if they’ve already tackled it. They do a great job.

If you’re wondering whether I could speak to your group, please check out Climate Voices first. It is a free speaker’s bureau featuring over 200 scientists from around the U.S. I know many of them personally and can’t recommend this resource strongly enough, because the value of connecting with a local scientist who lives just down the road from you is … well, priceless!

If you really want me, check my list of events and see if I already have something planned for your area. This year, I’ll be heading to Boulder and Austin in September; Halifax NS, State College PA, and Palm Springs CA for a TED talk in November; and Washington DC in early December for the AGU meeting and like a public presentation as well. In 2019, I’ll be in California in late January (both the LA and the SF areas), Indiana in late March, and both Wisconsin and Dallas in April. We’re also just in the beginning stages of planning trips to Alaska, Alabama, Atlanta and AScotland (just kidding, Scotland) and open to more events to add there. If you aren’t in any of these locations, I’m always open to suggestions. I generally book 12-18 months in advance, but am happy to do a carbon-neutral video presentation on shorter notice.