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the christian voice at COP21

A Rocha @ COP21

A Rocha brought a Christian voice to the climate discussions – and is taking the climate change agenda to the Church. Working with partners, including Tearfund and the Lausanne Movement, A Rocha advocated for and engaged COP attendees and campaigners in climate-based creation care.


the theology of creation care – A ROcha’s Dave Bookless explains

A Climate for Change: Conservation and Faith – Dave Bookless

A Rocha panel discussion/conversation at COP21: A Climate for Change: Conservation and Faith on 4 December, 2015. Panel speakers included atmospheric scientist Dr Katharine Hayhoe, the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Bishop Efraim Tendero, A Rocha International’s Director of Theology, Rev Dave Bookless, and the Director of Climate Stewards, Caroline Pomeroy.