MINNEAPOLIS – Faith Nixon Symposium & Lenten Series Event

Westminster Presbyterian Church 1200 Marquette Ave, Minneapolis

This year the Faith Nixon event lines up with the first Sunday in Lent, and a weekly Sunday series that will all engage all of us in discussions on stewardship of the environment. Join us for this joint Faith Nixon Symposium and Lenten Series Event, as we hear from Katherine Hayhoe. Dr. Hayhoe is an... Read More


LIVESTREAM – The Climate of Climate Change


Most of us understand that humanity will only be able to address the climate crisis if we all work together. But how can we engage with people whose values, background, or interests we share, but who aren’t currently invested in tackling the climate emergency? In this webinar we’ll explore ways to discover common ground with... Read More


CORK – Walton Lecture, Christians, Climate, and our Culture around the World

University College Cork West Wing 6 Lecture Theatre, Main Quadrangle, Cork

At its core, climate change is profoundly unjust. It exacerbates hunger, poverty, and even political instability, disproportionally impacting the most vulnerable people of the world, the very ones we Christians are called to love and care for. As the scientific evidence builds, however, so does the opposition to solutions: they're impractical, or they'll harm people,... Read More

BELFAST – Climate Change: A Threat Multiplier

Queens University Elmwood Building, Main Lecture Hall, Belfast

This event will be held in the main lecture hall in the Elmwood Building in the School of Geography.

BELFAST – Talking Climate: Why Facts are Not Enough

Peter Froggatt Centre 9 College Park East, Belfast

When we hear people objecting to climate change, they often use science-y or even religious-y sounding arguments. "It’s just a natural cycle," some say, or "God is in control, so humans can’t affect something as big as our planet.” Yet if the conversation continues a few minutes longer, it rapidly becomes apparent that the real... Read More

DUBLIN – Behind the Headlines

Trinity Long Room Hub Trinity College Dublin, Dublin

A discussion on how we talk and think about climate change, featuring Katharine Hayhoe, Michael Cronin, Jane Stout, and chaired by Jane Ohlmeyer.  

DUBLIN – Talking Climate: Why Facts are Not Enough

Trinity Long Room Hub Trinity College Dublin, Dublin

The School of Religion, the Centre for Environmental Humanities, and the Trinity Long Room Hub Institute for Arts and the Humanities welcome Dr. Katharine Hayhoe for a lecture, free and open to the public. Talking Climate: Why Facts are Not Enough When we hear people objecting to climate change, they often use science-y or even... Read More

MAYNOOTH – Walton Lecture, Climate Change: Facts, Fictions, and our Faith

Hume Building Lecture Theatre 2, Maynooth University, Maynooth

Climate change is one of the most hotly debated scientific issues of today. As the scientific evidence increases, so does the opposition to solutions. Is the evidence solid? Are the proposed solutions viable? And why would anyone care? Join Katharine Hayhoe as she untangles the complex science behind global warming and highlights the key role... Read More

EDINBURGH + LIVESTREAM – Now we have your attention, let’s talk climate action!

Edinburgh Castle Queen Anne Building, Castle Hill, Edinburgh

How do we inspire people to take climate action? We've invited an exciting panel of experts to share their experience. Over the past 18 months the dialogue on climate change has fundamentally shifted from an issue that was recognised as important to one that is now finally at the highest level of priority. We know... Read More

EDINBURGH + LIVESTREAM – What do we need from COP26?

Edinburgh University ECCI Conference Room, Edinburgh

THIS EVENT WILL BE LIVE-STREAMED In the first of a series of events leading up to COP26, ECCI is delighted to welcome the world-renowned climate scientist and communicator Professor Katharine Hayhoe to give her take on this crucial year of climate action. On Tuesday 17 March Katharine will be joined by a panel of leading... Read More

CANCELLED – LEEDS – Forecasting Our Future

Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre University of Leeds, Leeds

We regret this event has been cancelled due to coronavirus prevention measures. About this Event Increasingly, the impacts of climate change are never far from the headlines. Calls for climate action are getting steadily louder but global alignment is far from a reality. How will climate change affect the places we call home, now and in the future? Against a backdrop of international (dis)agreement,... Read More

CANCELLED – NEWCASTLE – Let’s Talk About Climate Change

Urban Science Building Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne

We regret this event has been cancelled due to coronavirus prevention measures. Join us for an informal discussion about climate change and why it matters to all of us. Focussing on both local and global issues we will aim to share positive, practical ways that we can all play our part in talking about this... Read More

CANCELLED – DURHAM UK – Borderlands Lecture, Mitigate, Adapt – or Suffer

Appleby Lecture Room St John's College, Durham University, Durham

We regret this event has been cancelled due to coronavirus prevention measures. We look forward to hearing from Katharine Hayhoe at the Borderlands Lecture on Thursday 19th March 2020, 17:15. All are welcome to attend this free lecture, which will be taking place in the Appleby Lecture Room (W103) at the Department of Geography. The... Read More

CANCELLED – GLASGOW – COP26 and Responding to Climate Change

Wellington Church of Scotland 77 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow

We regret this event has been cancelled due to coronavirus prevention measures. Join Katharine Hayhoe as she untangles the complex science behind global warming and highlights the key role our faith and values play in shaping our attitudes and actions on this crucial topic. This event is for anyone interested in responses to climate change,... Read More

ONLINE – People + Planet: Can the Covid-19 tragedy be a historic reset?


On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. Since its outbreak in January in Wuhan, China, the world has increasingly been gripped by fear as the virus spreads. Normal life and societies in many places have been disrupted. Businesses, schools, and industries have been affected. Countries are on... Read More


CANCELLED – WASHINGTON DC – Climate Change: A Threat Multiplier

Carnegie Institution for Science 1530 P St. NW, Washington DC

For generations, human civilization has been building a climate debt, borrowing from the stability of the future to power the economic growth of the present. Through fossil fuel combustion and land use change, we have disrupted the carbon cycle, overwhelming the influence of natural forcing on Earth's climate. As heat accumulates in the climate system,... Read More

Earth Day 50 – Virtual Kickoff


Join us on Sunday, April 19 to kick off Earth Week with a virtual stage of high-profile speakers, including public officials, activists, scientists, and performers.

Climate Science in a Fact-Free World – Keeling Lecture


As part of Earth Month 2020, Texas Tech’s Katharine Hayhoe will deliver the 2020 Charles David Keeling Lecture online, hosted by the University of Illinois. Gravity doesn’t care what we believe; if we step off a cliff, we’re going down. And a thermometer doesn’t give us a different answer, depending on how we vote. Yet... Read More

Earth Optimism – Digital Summit


Earth Optimism is a digital event that will showcase stories of both small and large-scale actions that frame the conversation and demonstrate that success is possible.

Inside the Greenhouse – Stand Up for Climate Comedy


Stand Up for Climate is a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This “best of” show features brief climate comedy videos from our five years of hosting this event along with this year’s international climate comedy video contest winners. Max Boykoff and Beth Osnes will co-host, and Philadelphia comedian Chuck Nice is a... Read More

I Saw A Bird: Audubon’s Spring Migration Show EP 3


Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have all of us staying indoors more than we might like—and for birders that means possibly missing out on spring migration. So, Audubon hatched a plan to lift your spirits and keep our community connected through this unusual time. You’re invited to I Saw a Bird: Audubon’s Spring... Read More

Earth Day 2020 – Towards a Green and Healthy Recovery


April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. In the 50 years since the first Earth Day in 1970, there have been some victories in the struggle to protect our planet. But today, we face a grave threat to the Earth’s ecosystems from global heating, biodiversity loss, and habitat destruction. Now, more than... Read More

Science By The Glass – The Virtual Version!


Join us for the very first virtual Science by the Glass! Hosted by the Texas Tech University Climate Center, this is an opportunity to hear a short, informal lecture from a faculty member about a climate-related topic, followed by a lively Q&A. This month, Katharine Hayhoe will connect the dots between climate, coronavirus, and the... Read More

Pint of Science Canada


We bring science to you - wherever you are! Get your computer, your favourite drink, and join us for the show 54 amazing scientists from across the globe can't wait to share their passion with you - and it's free!


Climate Change: What’s New?


Human emissions of greenhouse gases now overwhelm the influence of natural drivers in altering Earth's climate. How will our energy choices and resulting emissions affect temperature and precipitation, extreme events, sea-level rise and more over this century and beyond? What are the implications for meeting the targets of the Paris climate agreement and avoiding dangerous... Read More

Climate, COVID and COP26


As all nations grapple with the impacts of Covid-19, climate change has not gone away. If the recovery packages being developed around the world are not green then our climate future may be blacker than ever. Will Covid-19 derail climate action? Can this global pandemic teach us anything about to tackling the climate emergency? What... Read More




Join Katharine for a live online Q&A! She'll answer some of the questions she's received via email that month and take some live questions as well. The Q&A is streamed online on both YouTube and Facebook so you can tune in from anywhere around the world. Each event is live but the recordings will still... Read More

The Great Reset: Restoring the Health of People and Planet


The COVID-19 response has shown the global community’s ability to diverge from business-as-usual to protect public health and safety. What lessons can be transferred from this response to address imminent threats posed by ecological deterioration and socio-economic injustice, thereby accelerating progress on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals? Tune in at 14:30 CEST... Read More

Star Talk Live


This Wednesday is the first ever virtual StarTalk Live, and, best of all, it’s free! As part of this year’s Climate Week, StarTalk and PocketLab are putting on a digital live show at 7:30pm ET. It will be simulcast on StarTalk’s YouTube and Facebook channels, Neil will be host, Chuck Nice will be co-host, and... Read More

Reuters Newsmaker Virtual Event with Katharine Hayhoe


As the United Nations General Assembly gathers to address climate action and the world recognizes Climate Week, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe will join Reuters to discuss climate change, our ability to tackle the challenge and whether society can adapt to a warming planet.

Climate Conversations with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe


’ ? . Ready to learn more about our changing climate, what can be done, how to talk about it, and how Christian hope connects to climate change? In conjunction with the launch of a new climate course, A Rocha’s Love Your Place® program will be hosting a series of Climate Conversations. The first webinar,... Read More

Climate Courage Book Launch Event


Andreas Karelas is joined by climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe and environmentalist Bill McKibben in a roundtable discussion on how saving our planet, our economy, and our democracy are not mutually exclusive goals. Andreas Karelas, author of Climate Courage: How Tackling Climate Change Can Build Community, Transform the Economy, and Bridge the Political Divide in America,... Read More

Live Book Discussion: All We Can Save


Katharine Hayhoe from the TTU Climate Center and Bryan Giemza from Livable Futures are bringing the public a new ongoing series: Climate Readings & Discussions. This inaugural event will feature "All We Can Save," a critically-acclaimed collection of women writers on the subject of climate change. Join with the editor, Ayana Johnson, as she performs a live... Read More

The World We Make


Online event for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with guest speaker Katharine Hayhoe! Large-scale injustices such as racism, gender inequity and lack of equal rights for marginalized people not only erode our individual and collective health and spirit, but are also destructive to the planet. Can emotional resilience in the face of these injustices be the... Read More

EPN Webinar – Ohio State University


Conversations on the Politics and Science of Climate Change in the Buckeye State Hosting Dr. Hayhoe, virtually, in central Ohio for this series of talks is the result of a yearlong, collaborative effort of regional individuals and organizations. The EPN is delighted to be a part of it and we strongly encourage all to attend... Read More

The Climate Crisis Conversation


WPNA Climate Crisis Committee This zoom event is a scientific/political discussion. The guest speakers will delve into actions that need to be taken politically and systematically in America to combat climate change. The poster shown above displays a Facebook live event, but we have attached the zoom link instead for your convenience.

Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?


A Conversation with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist Join Dr. Frederic Bertley, COSI President and CEO, and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist, for a conversation on one of the most hotly debated scientific issues of today: climate change. Is the evidence solid? Are proposed solutions viable? And why would any of us even care? Join... Read More

2020 Summit on Sustainability


The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s annual Summit on Sustainability is set to return in October. With a virtual format for 2020, MORPC is now partnering with its peer organization in Atlanta to deliver a summit that includes a wider array of content. The Summit on Sustainability is MORPC’s annual environmental conference, bringing together hundreds of... Read More

Lecture Series featuring Katharine Hayhoe, Ph.D.


Atmospheric Scientist and Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University Free and open to the public. Forecasting Our Future: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist whose research focuses on developing and applying high-resolution climate projections to understand what climate change means for people and the natural environment.... Read More

Faith Forum – Christ Church Charlotte


Faith Forum is a long-running, nationally recognized series of talks with leading thinkers, bestselling authors, business leaders, philosophers, artists, and theologians of our time. These conversations are led by The Reverend Chip Edens in a casual atmosphere of fellowship with a focus on spiritual growth.

9th Annual Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium


Join us on Wednesday, October 28 - Thursday, October 29, 2020 for this two-day, virtual program. Each day's programming will take place from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. The Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium provides water utilities and other organizations interested in water management and conservation with the information needed to implement successful water conservation... Read More

Walton Lectures: On Science and Religion


This lecture was originally scheduled to be given at Maynooth University on March 13 but had to be canceled because of Covid19. Prof. Hayhoe also gave a Walton Lecture at University College Cork on 9 March 2020. Climate change is one of the most hotly debated scientific issues of today. As scientific evidence increases, so... Read More

Saint John’s Speaker Series with Katharine Hayhoe


Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist and endowed Professor of Public Policy and Law at Texas Tech University who can often be found talking to people about why climate change matters and what we can do to fix it. She will speak on Barriers to Acceptance and Action on Climate Change in 2020.  

Western University – Social Science Online Event


Department of Geography and Environment Presents: Katharine Hayhoe Lecture "Mitigate, Adapt, or Suffer: Connecting Global Change to Local Impacts" Event followed by a panel discussion with local experts. Zoom Webinar link found here.

Climate Readings & Discussions – “Climate Courage”


Join us Thurs. 11/19 from 5-6 p.m. CST for our next event in our Climate Readings & Discussions series. Author of "Climate Courage," Andreas Karelas, will be joining our co-hosts Katharine Hayhoe and Bryan Giemza for a live reading, discussion, and Q&A. "Climate Courage" has been praised as the inspiring and uplifting book the climate... Read More

Climate and Health – The Cleo Institute


The CLEO Institute, in partnership with The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, is pleased to host its 10th annual Empowering Capable Climate Communicators Symposium virtually, welcoming guests from across the world, for a 3-day discussion on climate and health. Tickets on sale now. Katharine Hayhoe keynote lecture and breakout discussion November 20 Keynote:... Read More

Calvin University January Series


The January Series cultivates deep thought and conversations about important issues of the day in order to inspire cultural renewal and make us better global citizens in God's world. Our long tradition of offering a free 15-day lecture series continues, but 2021 will look different. This year the January Series will be a completely virtual experience. You can watch... Read More

Halki Summit IV


C O V I D - 1 9 A N D C L I M A T E C H A N G E : Living with and Learning from a Pandemic COVID-19 has lowered global carbon emissions; but it hasn’t slowed climate change. Our response to COVID-19 has precipitated the discovery of a vaccine;... Read More

Rice University Webinar


In 2020, the U.S. saw intense forest fires and a record number of hurricanes and other extreme weather events as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. All have highlighted the fracture lines that can sometimes exist between science experts and science skeptics. 2020 demonstrated how the lack of collaboration and trust in both climate and public... Read More

What Climate Change and COVID Have in Common


Even as Covid-19 swept across the world, the threat of climate change loomed right behind it as wildfires, heatwaves and global temperatures set new records this past year. Short-term drops in air pollution and carbon emissions and increases in clean energy provided a hopeful glimpse of how the world could be if it pursued a... Read More

Climate Conversations with Rev. Lennox Yearwood


Join us for an in-depth conversation with national leaders, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, founder and President of Hip Hop Caucus, and Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, a leading climate scientist, on climate change: where we are, where we are going, and what we can do about it. Sponsored by the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network, the Hartford Seminary, and CT... Read More



Join Katharine for a special live online Q&A featuring her brand-new book that releases this week! She'll answer some of the questions she's received via email that month and take some live questions as well. The Q&A is streamed online on both YouTube and Facebook so you can tune in from anywhere around the world.... Read More

National Biodiversity Teach-in


Happy International Day of Woman & Girls in Science! For this special day, Katharine Hayhoe will be hosting an online webinar about climate change. Click on this link to fill out the form and register for the zoom!

The Goodness of Creation and Human Responsibility Conference


This is our Father’s world. He created it, and it reflects the goodness and greatness of its Creator. But Scripture also shows us that this universe is a place where a cosmic conflict is playing out. When humanity was called to take part in this great drama, we rebelled. Humanity joined the war against our... Read More

From Global Change to Local Action with Katharine Hayhoe

Climate change isn’t just a problem for polar bears or future generations anymore – it’s affecting us here and now. In today's politically charged environment, are we still able to act on climate? In our series finale lecture, join Katharine Hayhoe as she untangles the complex science connecting our choices to future impacts and highlights actions... Read More

A Moms Climate Conversation with Katharine Hayhoe

Worried about climate change? Not sure what all the climate news and reports really mean? Interested in finding out how you can make a difference? Join us for a Moms Climate Conversation with Climate Scientist, Katharine Hayhoe. Katharine has been called “one of the nation’s most effective communicators on climate change” by The New York... Read More

A Rocha Book Club – SAVING US


Join A Rocha USA for their SAVING US book club for a live webinar with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. Sign up TODAY: https://bit.ly/ARochaUSA-SavingUs    

Youth Council, UN Association (Workshop)


An International webinar on UN COP26 to empower young people, organised by the Youth Council, UN Association Climate & Oceans About this event THE AMERICAS Time Zone United States - New York (10 am EST) Canada - Toronto (10 am EST) United States - Chicago (9 am Central Time) United States - Los Angeles (... Read More


Virtual to New York Ave Presbyterian Church

Online and In Person

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope & Healing  with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Tuesday, Oct. 26, 7 pm E Dr. Hayhoe, a prominent client scientist and evangelical Christian, has become a leading voice in the effort to educate and mobilize people to address the climate crisis. The New York Times called her “one of... Read More


CCL Book Webinar & Q&A


A Conversation With Dr. Katharine Hayhoe About Her New Book "Saving Us!" 10/27 at 8pm E Note: Must be a member Visit the event site here.  

CCL Pennsylvania Book Club


Climate scientist Dr. Hayhoe will join Appalachia Region CCL members and the public on October 28 for a virtual discussion of her new book. About this event The Bloomsburg, PA Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter invites CCL members and the publicto a free virtual book club discussion with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe as she discusses her new... Read More

Climate Change: Why We Must Care and What We Can Say


Thursday, October 28 from  8-9 pm ET. Via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84411113968   Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is well-known for her ability to connect action on climate change to values, whether those values are love of God’s creation, love for children and grandchildren, or something else.As a highly regarded climate scientist, she’s also learned the best ways to... Read More

COP26 Youth Marathon – United Nations Association


Register here. An International webinar on UN COP26 to empower young people, organized by the Youth Council, UN Association Climate & Oceans About this event THE AMERICAS Time Zone United States - New York (10 am EST) Canada - Toronto (10 am EST) United States - Chicago (9 am Central Time) United States - Los... Read More


Climate Readings & Discussions: SAVING US


Join us on Monday, November 15 from 5-6 p.m. CT for Climate Readings & Discussions with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, author of "Saving Us." Dr. Hayhoe will join host Bryan Giemza for a live reading of her book followed by a discussion and Q&A where you get the chance to ask Dr. Hayhoe your questions! We... Read More


Canada 2020 – Breaking Down COP26


On Tuesday, November 16, at 12:00 ET,  join us for a conversation between former Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, and climate scientist and author Katharine Hayhoe on the outcomes of COP26, the future of climate advocacy, and Hayhoe’s new book, Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a... Read More


Talking Climate Action – Oxford Climate Society


Note: the event will be livestreamed from the Oxford Climate Society's YouTube page. You can register here on Eventbrite and we will send you a link closer to the event. We are absolutely thrilled that world-renowned climate scientist and climate change communication leader Dr. Katharine Hayhoe will join us for an online talk about her new book "Saving Us:... Read More